There are several versions of the same story. Here’s what happens. There’s an event or a trade show coming up and your organization needs print collateral. Someone in the office creates the art and then they shop prices online. They find what looks like a great deal and send the art off to the online printer. A couple of days before the event, the brochures come back. There’s an error, the color isn’t right, or the folds are off. What do you do?

There’s no time for a reprint from the online printer and your local printer bails you out, but you pay twice for the project. It’s a situation that occurs more than you would think.  Here’s the thing –  you might have avoided the problems and the waste of time and money if you went to your local printer in the first place.

Thomas Press is dedicated to our local customers. We’ve done business in Waukesha for over a century and our success is built on close relationships with our clients. We do bail them out from time to time, but there’s another aspect of the relationship that’s more important. It’s the eyeballs – we’re looking at every project from the time we receive the files all the way through production until the final product is put into the box.

No, we don’t claim to catch everything, but we fix a lot of problems. Online printers run your project in combination with multiple orders that they receive from other customers. If your art doesn’t quite meet the specs, things can go wrong. From their perspective, it’s your problem. At Thomas Press, we take ownership of every project. We want you to receive exactly what you expected, and we’ll bend over backwards to make sure you do.

Here are the advantages to partnering with Thomas Press for every project you do:

  1. Rapid turnaround – We ask about your deadlines and we meet them.
  2. Quality assurance – It’s likely that we’re more finicky than you are.
  3. A Telephone Call – You’ll get a call from us if we spot a problem.
  4. Solutions – We value your business, so every project is important. If something goes wrong, we reprint. Sometimes you’ll never know this happens.

There’s another aspect to the relationship that is important. Many of the projects we produce in-house are straightforward, but there are always projects that are complex and require special expertise. Thomas Press regularly works with our clients to help manage complicated projects that may require specialized print processes. Click the button to learn more about our print management services.

Print Management Services

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